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BLCCA - British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association

Swindon Caravan and Camping Club is affiliated to BLCCA.

Some basic rules when attending BLCCA rallies

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Reminder To All Clubs in the BLCCA

Cheques cannot be accepted on the rally field.  Only cash payments please.

Only one pup-tent per caravan, max size 6’ x 8’ sleeping area with minimum porch entrance.  If larger, permission must br obtained from the host club.

Children are the responsibility of their parents and must be supervised.

Own toilets required on all rallies unless otherwise stated.

Anyone arriving on site before the Marshals must be prepared to move if necessary.

Campers/motorised caravans, if accompanied by a frame tent or tourer caravan, will be sited as two units and charges as such.

The use of metal detectors on the rally field is forbidden without the written permission of the site owner, which must be shown to the Rally Marshals on request.

Please always complete a rally slip in full when booking a rally.  This will allow the host club to contact you about any changes to, or cancellation of, the rally.

Please refer to your British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association - Rally Book 2016 for full rules and the BLCCA Rally Programme for 2016.  Below is a overview of the rules taken from page 8 of the Rally Book.

Contact Us:                   E-mail:  swindoncaravanandcampingclub@hotmail.co.uk

British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association (BLCCA)


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Our Club’s entry in the BLCCA Rally Book for 2016 starts on page 126..







Website: www.swindoncaravanandcampingclub.co.uk

Email: swindoncaravanandcampingclub@hotmail.co.uk

No calls to any committee member after 9pm please.

Rally slips and cheques to be sent to the Rally Officer at the above address. All cheques to be made payable to SCCC. You can telephone or use the ‘Book Now’ logo on our website to book rallies. BL car disc must be displayed on all rallies. You should familiarize yourselves with all Association Rules (pages 5 to 9).

Visitors:  Adults (18yrs and over) wishing to stay in another member's unit overnight on any Swindon rally must be paid up members of the BL Association. A fee of £1 per person per night will be charged

plus any charges made by the site.

Holiday rallies: A £30 per week non-refundable deposit is required when booking holiday rallies and full payment is required no later than one month prior to start of the rally. Any balance not received by the due date will result in loss of holiday.

Weekend rallies: commence at 5pm on Friday. It may be possible to arrive early, but please check with the Secretary first. Anyone arriving before 5pm may be asked to move by the Rally Marshal. Cheques will not be accepted on the rally, payment must be in cash only on arrival.

Limited rallies: Booking is essential. Please remember to cancel if you are unable to attend in order to free up spaces.

No noise after 11pm on all rallies. Where dogs are allowed they must

always be kept on a lead.

Parents are requested to keep their children under control on all rallies.

One small pup tent allowed per unit unless otherwise specified.

Personal generator use, other than for medical reasons, please inform the Marshals on arrival.

Page 126 BLCCA Rally Book 2016