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The friendly club for people who enjoy caravan or camping holidays


To our Swindon Caravan

and Camping Club website.

Hello, if you are a caravan or camping enthusiast and you are looking for a friendly local club - Congratulations!  You've come to the right place!

Home and Away with Swindon Caravan and Camping Club

Swindon Caravan and Camping Club was formed in 1971 by a group of caravanning enthusiasts in Swindon. Our Club joined up with other clubs and created the British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association (BLCCA).

 Swindon Caravan and Camping Club has changed over the years but still embodies the welcoming and open nature it started with when it was a formed by employees of the local Pressed Steel Fisher Plant.  The club changed its name to Swindon Caravan and Camping Club in 2008 and is now completely independent, run by the members for the members.

 Even though we are now independent we are still linked to the BLCCA and this link gives our members the opportunity to attend any rally with every club in the association.  Creating many more opportunities for great holidays!

 As members of the BLCCA we have an exemption certificate from Natural England (formerly DEFRA) that allows us to have rallies in areas that would not normally be available.  We are also fully insured and our rallies are regularly inspected to ensure we maintain the correct standard to hold the exemption certificate.

 We are a club with a long history, over 40 years providing holidays in the UK and Europe.  We are non profit making and our aim has always been to get the best for our members in price, location and experience.

 If you find the word 'rally' offputting, don't worry!  We are member driven.  You decide where you want to go, who you want to go with and what you want to do when you are there.  We do have rules but they are there to ensure everybody is safe, that no harm will come to people or possessions and that you can enjoy your holiday.

 We still have members who first joined 40 years ago and now their children have joined with their own families.  We have people from all different backgrounds and professions but they all want the same thing, a cost effective way to enjoy a holiday in their caravan, motorhome or tent.

Whether it's fantastic outings like the Fairford Air Show, or heading off on the open road - members of Swindon Caravan and Camping Club enjoy their world.

Stonehenge campsite is an easy drive from Swindon.  Whether you are under 'canvas' or in a van, members join in the fun of a shared love of camping.

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