Swindon Caravan and Camping Club

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Apply for an application form by email.  See below.



Reasons to Join Swindon Caravan and Camping Club

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Apply by email for an application form.

Fill it in and send it with your fee to the Secretary (as per instructions on the form).  Fees are £15.00 per year for Standard Membership and £10 per year for Senior Membership (65 or over).


Non Unit-Owning Associate Membership - all people over 18 who will stay with you on a rally pay £2 per year.  You will need to name them on your application.

Cheques payable to ‘Swindon Caravan & Camping Club’.


Tell us the type of unit you holiday in (Caravan / Tent / Trailer Tent / Motorised Caravan).


Tell us if you have you ever been a member of any other British Leyland Caravan Club.


Any questions?  Please contact us (see bottom of page).



Guidance filling in the Swindon Caravan and Camping Club

membership application form

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