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You have arrived at a web page that is not for public consumption.  If you are looking for information about our Club please use the menu above.  This page is used by the Club’s Webmaster to store information about managing the website.


The Webmaster uses Serif Webplus 7 to create and update the website.


The Webmaster is Mo Needham and you can email him on moneedham61@gmail.com.

Website Updates

12th May 2016 - Home scrolling text added, BLCCA scrolling text added

14th May 2016 - Rallies and Latest News updated, Home page scrolling text updated

16th May 2016 - Various updates requested by Committee inc. Latest News, Rallies, Book Online and Gallery.

20th May 2016 - Revamp of Affiliated Clubs page to make info clearer, Revised menu showing all pages without dropdown boxes

25th May 2016 - News updated, Rallies Page visual error corrected.

3rd June 2016 - Rally info updated and News edited. Links to Planned Rallies added for ease of navigation.

8th June 2016 - Webmaster adjustments to improve Google search plus spelling corrections.

15th June 2016 - Old news removed. Number plate headings introduced.

28th June 2016 - Rally Information and News updated.  This Website Information page added (but not in Navigation).

13th July 2016 - Old news items removed from Latest News.

18th July 2016 - Planned Rallies updated.  News updated.

3rd Aug 2016 - News scroll and Rallies updated.

12 - 13th Sept 2016 - News updated, scrolling bar updated, draft rallies for 2017 added, future rallies page deleted

23rd Sept 2016 - New 2017 event added. News updated. Scroll updated. Amendment to 2016 rally.

24th Sept 2016 - Dates corrected and typo on new 2017 Sept rally.  Links checked.

25th Sept 2016 - Two lines removed - webmaster mistake.

25th Oct 2016 - Major update (P Greensmith) to 2017 Rallies

26th Oct 2016 - Minor amendments to 2017 Rallies and Home page

31st Jan - 1st Feb - Updates to 2017 Rallies and revamp of Affiliated Clubs (taking out officer info).

27th Feb - Updates to rally information, news and scroll bar

6th Mar - Latest News updated

6th April 2017 - Latest News and Rallies updates

24th April - Latest News, Rally Info and three counters recorded on page to give hit record.

7th May - Latest News, two cancellations added.  Front page scroll updated

23 May - Latest News, 2017 Rallies updated

30th May 2017 - Webmaster tidy-up

15th June 2017 - Quick tidy up

28th June 2017 - Webmaster review

1st July - update from Paul Greensmith

4th - July - minor update from Paul Greensmith

29th July - Webmaster update

22nd Aug - Small update from P Greensmith

23rd Aug - changes requested by Paul Greensmith

25th Aug 17 - Latest News amendments

2nd Sept 17 - 4 updates from P Greensmith

20th Sept 17 - Webmaster update 3 pages.

17th Nov 17 - Major update for 2018 rallies

20th Nov 17 - Corrections and removal of address and phone information

1st Marc 18 - Major updates to News and Rally Information.

22nd Mar 18 - Serif closed down suppoert of Active items - removed forms

19/20th Apr 18 - Various updates to News and Rallies from Paul Greensmith

31 May 18 - Updates by Paul Greensmith

Contact Us:                         E-mail:  swindoncaravanandcampingclub@hotmail.co.uk