We are proud of our Club's history.  In various forms we've been around for over forty years.

Swindon Caravan and Camping Club was formed in 1971 by a group of employees from the Pressed Steel Fisher factory in Swindon.














The factory was aligned to many other car manufacturers across the UK and our newly formed club soon discovered that other factories had established similar clubs. The many clubs came together and created the British Leyland Camping and Caravan Association (BLCCA).


Whilst our caravan and camping club is no longer associated with the factory it still embodies the welcoming and open nature it started with.  The club changed its name to Swindon Caravan and Camping Club in 2008 and is now completely independent, run by the members for the members.


Even though we are now independent we are still linked to the BLCCA and this link gives our members the opportunity to attend any rally with every club in the association.  Creating many more oppertunities for great holidays!


As members of the BLCCA we have an exemption certificate from Natural England (formerly DEFRA) that allows us to have rallies in areas that would not normally be available.  We are also fully insured and our rallies are regularly inspected to ensure we maintain the correct standard to hold the exemption certificate.


Of course, automotive manufacturing changes over the years just like our Club.  We are now open to all who share our love of open spaces and friendly holidays.  Why not join us and then you and your family can extend our history into the future!

Our Club's biggest rally is held at the The Royal International Air Tattoo wher we often take up to 50 vans.












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